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Drug Offenses (over 20 yrs experience)

Drug and drug related charges make up around half of all criminal cases in Cabarrus County courts. Knowing how to defend these charges aggressively is a top priority at our firm. Obtaining the absolute best results for our clients requires a constant and full understanding of the applicable laws and a thorough understanding of the state’s case against the defendant. Certainly, defeating the charges through negotiation or trial is always the goal but not always realistic.

This is where being a board certified specialist in state criminal law and having over 20 years experience in our criminal courts, both as a prosecutor in Cabarrus County and defense attorney, is critical. The range of punishment for these charges, if convicted, range from deferred prosecution, hopefully ending in dismissal of all charges, to being sentenced to over 20 years in prison. Having a knowledgeable, honest, and aggressive advocate who knows and is respected by all the players involved in our criminal justice system is what you need and will get with Mr. Wiseman.